Some random moments from the past few weekends with the big Benny boy.

As snacks go (that Ben likes), relatively speaking, marshmallows count as health food.


Picking his sixth book to read is serious business. (Thank you Michelle!)


Picking Ben up on a Sunday morning. Nothing like a post-breakfast nap. I almost feel bad interrupting it. But he won’t mind when there is Luna Bakery in his immediate future. Ready. Set…


DVDs, check. Book, check. And in the middle — pepperoni pizza, double, no, triple check. A perfect lunch break.

And get this – you are witnessing a major victory for Mom and Dad – Ben is eating Cauliflower! Does he know that? Hell no! Ben is a super sleuth when it comes to stealth-nutrition. Karen’s tried to practically liquefy carrots and other things and mix them into his burger meat, but he has x-ray vision that would be the envy of Superman, and nope, those burgers are rejected, unequivocally and without even a bite getting past his lips. But thank you Trader Joe’s. This past weekend, Karen bought pizza crust that has Cauliflower mixed into it.

A Vegan he ain’t, but now, a Cauliflower-eater he is. Hoping Trader Joe’s comes up with a tossed salad pizza crust next.


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