I can’t keep up with the world of blogging and podcasts and twitter and social media and app-based stuff and-and-and…

So there’s this app blog thing called SpareMin which records podcast interviews and releases them right away and then a little later collects them in an online magazine-type-thing called The Spare Minute and some of those things get picked up and disseminated by other things I’ve heard of and, heck, I don’t really understand it.

But, bottom line is the guy in charge turns out to be a smart, excellent interviewer and he asked me if I’d record an episode for SpareMin and I said sure with the caveat that Karen would make it a 3-way call and he liked that idea so we did it today at noon and 5 minutes after we finished my Twitter app went DING! and it was already posted and twittering around.

They asked me to do it because of my HuffPost/Juggling Autism blog this week about Gorsuch. So if you aren’t done yet gorging on Gorsuch, here’s another 20 minutes of sludgy goodness.

Gorging on Gorsuch (But Warning: It Might Make You Queasy)

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