Ben loves his Busy World of Richard Scarry video, which is where some of his favorite little mantras come from — like “Juggling!” (a.k.a. what he sometimes says while hurling a book into the air, emulating a character exclaiming “Juggling” when he sees another character slip and his stack of books goes flying).

He also loves the 5 DVD deluxe box of the whole series we picked up for him some time ago. That doesn’t mean he likes WATCHING them, only having them, and taking them out and glancing at the discs and tossing them around. He never wants to actually see anything except his old favorite, and will get mad if you try to put a new one in the player.

Hey, I have a massive music collection, and like any real collector, there are plenty of discs I’ve never heard. But he did arrange this on our end-table the other day. Yep, Ben’s a true collector.

Collecting Not Watching

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