One of our nicknames for Ben is Pavarotti. Here is a minute and twenty nine seconds of why.

We don’t know exactly where some of these are from, like the “Weeee, Ah Weeeee, Ah Weeeeeeee-T!” We do know “Arrr-Purr” is his sung version of the cartoon character’s name Arthur, something he does pronounce correctly when he talks about Arthur. He wraps up with a spoken, “Are You My Mother – Doggie!”

And he always sings between a forte and fortissimo – loud and louder. And he sings anywhere and everywhere — Five Guys Burgers or McDonald’s, a public bathroom, an elevator, a doctor’s office or waiting room, a store, our apartment building’s hallway – wherever and whenever inspiration (a great mood) strikes.

Here, it was only in our apartment, for our ears, and those of our neighbors.

(And BTW, our apartment is usually more picked up than this, but Ben is a one man wrecking crew, so sometimes we lag a little bit behind — mentioned because I KNOW Karen’s going to flinch.)


Benjamin Pavarotti

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