Come on out and help The Pam Stern Legacy of Hope Foundation, which supports Keshet’s programs for children and adults with autism, great organizations that I am thrilled to be working with for this event.


I’ll be giving a short talk (a.k.a. “Special Introduction”) at this fund-raiser screening of the film, “Life, Animated”  (for which, incidentally, Karen and I were interviewed, but ended up on the cutting room floor, maybe because we didn’t fit the narrative, or maybe because, as Karen says, we’re the grouchiest people in autism). I was, frankly, surprised that they reached out to me for this, since I’ve been on the receiving end of some pretty hot anger for my Trib review of the book and, especially, my Radiolab appearance discussing it (see the “comments” on their page — whooo boy). But at the same time, I was very happy they asked because it gives me a chance to clarify my thoughts, which I feel were better expressed in my original review than in the Radiolab segment (which is probably because they brought up Barry Neil Kaufman’s SonRise program too, which got my blood pressure rising). And the Radiolab broadcast/podcast got more attention because, hey, who reads newspapers these days anyway?

But I’m certainly not the story here. It’s “Life, Animated,” the The Pam Stern Legacy of Hope Foundation, and Keshet that are, and I hope you join us in support of the great work they do. I can’t give my friends a discount, but I will be happy to give you a noogie if you show up.

LIFE, ANIMATED: YouTube trailer:

A Good Cause and a Chance to See “Life, Animated” on an actual BIG Screen!

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