Ben gets stylish:


Ben gets happy:
Ben’s ideal career would (and hopefully will) be built around sorting. He is a sorting virtuoso. Fast, focused, accurate and unflagging, in fact it’s already been one of his regular jobs, at a non-profit that re-purposes used medical supplies and equipment for shipping to poorer countries where such supplies are scarce (MedWish). But Ben also sorts in his free time simply for the joy of it. So, this weekend when we arrived, it was no surprise to find him cross-legged on his bed, engaged with his wooden beads and tiny teddy bears, and the dowel rods and cups they go into and on, all sorted by color. And it was pretty funny and darned cute when I poked my head in his door. If Ben’s looking at a book, he’ll leap up and grab his shoes and practically shout, “Go to the car please!” But not if he’s sorting and stacking. He goes into hyper-drive, finishing the task, meticulously (see the pic! The teddy bears are back in the put-away place, after he’d sorted them into the cups, now neatly stacked), but at such lightning-speed he looks like a sped-up movie. Only then does he finally bolt for the closet and his shoes to “Go to the car please!”


Ben gets froggy:
I thought I’d share some educational insights I’ve gleaned from Ben’s tastes in audio infotainment. Did you know that clusters, typically numbering around five, of green, speckled frogs prefer similarly colored logs from which to eat bugs that they apparently find appealing, what we’d probably consider delicious if we were frogs? Apparently the log is best if next to a body of water, which need be no bigger than a small pool, as long as the water’s cool, into which the frogs can jump, presumably to cool off while burning some calories after their meal. Eventually, the log is abandoned and completely bereft of frogs. (I’m sharing this in case the Trumpions get their way and cut Public TV funding and shows like Nature.)


Ben gets to bed:

Ben calls Anola “Lola.” We received this text from Anola/Lola tonight while we were at dinner, an hour after we’d dropped him off, accompanied by the pic:

“Attempting to wake Ben up for his evening meds, he looks at me and rolls over 😂😂. I proceed to tell him I have good juice. Ben responds, “Bye bye Lola, see you soon,” and closes his eyes 😂😂😂. Had to pull the cover back a bit to get him to sit up. Meds are done and Ben is back to bed.”

Sleep well, Benny Boy.

Frogs and a Haircut, Sleeping and Sorting — A Ben Weekend

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