A couple of months before Mr. Unfortunately Not Aborted became President Pond Scum, I ran a Huffington/Juggling Autism blog post under the heading, “Please, We BEG You, For Ben’s Sake, Keep Trump Out,“ for which I received e-mails and comments from the specific subset of moron known as “Trump Supporter.” They chewed me out for, among other things (like, you know, equivalents of “Benghazi!!!”), “Hillary’s [extensive] position paper on autism is all lies because our hero calls her Lyin’ Hillary!”, “You’re not giving him a chance!“, and, “But we haven’t even heard his plans yet!” (like that was a good thing).


Now we are seeing what Honest Donald and his administration are doing with his “chance” and nightmarish “plans.” Last week, the New England Journal of Medicine spelled it out:

Care for Autism and Other Disabilities — A Future in Jeopardy

In Trumpland, no doubt it’s considered fake news (like who’s ever heard of the NEJM anyway?). To the sentient world, it confirms the fears.

An example (and it’s hard to pick just one, but please, read the brief piece — here’s the link – NEJM):

“Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) guarantees children with disabilities a free and appropriate public education. It may be the single most important civil right afforded to children with autism or other disabilities… Jeff Sessions, the new U.S. attorney general, has described this law as “the single most irritating problem for teachers throughout America today” and “a big factor in accelerating the decline in civility and discipline in classrooms all over America.” Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos indicated in her confirmation hearing that states should have the right to decide whether to enforce the IDEA, a notion at odds with the law’s requirement that all schools receiving federal funding — including charter schools — provide support for children with autism or other disabilities.”

At this point, all we can do is work like hell to “shake things up” (our turn) in 2018. Hopefully, impeachment, forced resignation, criminal conviction, or mortality will take care of the other thing before 2020.

So to DT fans with autistic progeny, I pity your children. As for you, I doubly pity your children for having a dumb fuck for a parent.

But look at the bright side. And when you find one, let me know.

Two Birds: A superstar in the world of severe autism sums up Trump and autism

New England Journal of Medicine, March 9, 2017
Care for Autism and Other Disabilities — A Future in Jeopardy

Trump, Autism and The Real News

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  • April 29, 2017 at 1:44 pm

    Behind the scenes, however, Republicans in the executive branch and Congress are getting down to the business of advancing their political agenda.


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