If you have or know a guy/gal like our Benny Boy, you might appreciate why my jaw just dropped hard enough to loosen a few teeth. (Remember, as far as Ben is concerned, if left up to him, all foods are finger foods — the better, and quicker, to eat — from spaghetti to ice cream.)

We just received these two pics and text message:

Anola (of Ben’s house): Ben waits for staff as he asked for a knife for his patty…made my day.

Me: Seriously? Ben asked for a knife?? And waited for one before digging in??? Have you taken his temperature???? Y’all are amazing!

Anola: Lol yes! I was so proud, and thank you!

Emily Post-Approved

2 thoughts on “Emily Post-Approved

  • March 9, 2017 at 12:42 pm

    WOW! See, this just proves my belief that we are never too old to stop learning! Go Ben! Go support staff! Woot, woot!


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